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Self Seekers

by Jeremy Ford

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The Anthem 01:56
So Elusive 03:47
Betterment 02:48
My name's Wordsworth I'm my mom's third birth Got it made, get paid because how my words work I thank God that I wake up hearing birds chirp Instead of burned in an urn or placed in the earth's dirt Flight attendant said you could board the plane, sir first Any seat you want, first class, fly and earn perks The world has turned worse My niece I just heard curse Shootings in the mall, smelling smoke from a burned church His mom concerned about her nails and a perm first He needs diapers but she just bought her third purse Killers on the curb lurk Selling weed, serve perps For their trouble, couple bands, couple grand per shirt She prefers twerks and a skirt on perverts Find another man, double, couple grand per flirt I'm the greatest but, yeah that wasn't heard first Other hand I'm Wordsworth A couple grand per verse My real name Vinson Jamel I'm inventive, if you listen you can instantly tell I indented proper grammar and I printed it well Since I was an infant, picked up a pencil to spell The block is hot, it feels like an infinite hell Like walking on the beach finding infinite shells Where strays graze and causing infants to yell Low income, where public assistancers dwell These cops dirty, the scent of the stench you could smell Black men locked up, getting lynched in their cells Beat you so bad you lose your four senses and smell And had the judge and jury convinced that you fell Never win, that's why they don't convince us to tell Wasn't holding, how that gun have the prints of Latrell? Muslims, blacks, soap, oils, incense to sell What I spit more expensive than a chip from Intel Wordsworth
Yo Yeah Detroit, Brooklyn Yo Love it or hate it I'm covered in greatness  While some suffer in silence while covering faces I’m royal for many reasons, let’s cover the basics We up, I've been a killer since immunizations If it doesn't better my children it’s energy wasted Men will be hauled off in zipped up bags, before I let somebody come between me and my wages I'm the king of fat fatherhood I'm obviously the king of that Real talk I was never cool with selling crack Tried it out for a minute then committed to rap Implemented the facts, when I spit it perhaps Some consider me the best, some never react But I give zero f*cks, n*gga riddle me that You won’t mistake my dope for that finicky rap I'm good being me, some just pretend to be that Some need a mask, some just wear the Hennessy hat I won't wait any longer My love is my weapon, my light I won't break any longer My love is my weapon, my light Yo When I look in the mirror it's satisfactory I'm one thousand percent cool with being addressed as "your majesty" Unapologetic, I save lives but I'm not a medic Flyer than a bird in the eye of heaven I am pledging loyalty to me and my entire section Used to be the fat kid that got laughed at, now my size quite impressive Every day that I rise is an acquired blessing My every flaw part of my perfection My words are art in my profession I paint pictures that tell stories of those that hail glory but died stressing Representing my deprived brethren My grind is a combined message Part I gotta eat, part they gotta eat, we never dine separate We never take it for granted either, the time precious Strong mind, this is my weapon Yeah I won't wait any longer My love is my weapon, our light I won't break any longer My love is my weapon, our light
Music Makers 02:25
OMG!! 02:57
Zazz 02:10


The notion of identity has been top of mind since I moved from a small, quiet Connecticut town to New York City over ten years ago. Like so many others who left their hometowns to explore a big city, I struggled with the transition. Everyday, I’d rub shoulders with heaps of bustling commuters on the subway, stand in long lines at restaurants and retail stores, and incidentally weave myself into a pattern of pedestrians crossing busy Manhattan intersections. While the large crowds were jarring and unsettling at first, I was fascinated by the fact that a set of strangers, so diverse yet so similar in their routines, co-mingled for just a few fleeting moments. Intimately close, yet completely blind to the depths, intricacies, and nuances of each other’s lives. I knew nothing about the personalities, careers, backgrounds, relationships, or goals of those less than an inch from me. All semblances of identity were lost in the crowd, and there was something so poetic about that.

Beyond anonymity, many people I’ve spoken to have admitted experiencing an internal struggle to find their true selves. No one ever tells us who we are (nor should they) — it's up to us to uncover. The pressures of today's society make it even more difficult to understand ourselves. We’re often faced with the challenges of disproving stereotypes, overcoming biases, fending off influences from our social media networks, and ignoring advertising that keep us in a state of uncertainty by constantly reminding us that we need improvement. Those who conquer these forces are empowered to discover, navigate, and celebrate their true, authentic selves.

This brings me to “Self Seekers,” my first full-length project to address the topics of identity, self-actualization, and anonymity. While the majority of its songs are 1-3 years old, the incubation process that brought them to life was a period of self-reflection and self-discovery that lasted over a decade. My musical being has gone through cycles — at times embracing my inherent desire to produce hip hop music and other times repressing it simply because I didn’t believe I had the authority to do so. Over time, I've learned to accept that all music is a universal language, and it speaks to us in different ways, at different times, unsolicited.

Self Seekers is the result of my internal conflict, and an acknowledgment of the aforementioned struggles associated with finding one's true self. I hope the listening and viewing experiences of the project help extinguish self-doubt and provide temporary relief for anyone going through an identity crisis. If nothing else, I hope it’s fun to listen to and gets your head nodding. Enjoy!


released December 18, 2020

Produced: Jeremy Ford
Vocals: Wordsworth (You Know The Name), Fatt Father (My Weapon), Qwill (My Weapon)
Narration: Yadi Alamin (Intro, Interludes, Outro)
Keyboard: Qwill (You Know The Name)
Cuts: DJ Grazzhoppa (Waited), DJ Byron (You Know The Name)
Mixed: Brian Temme
Mastered: Brian Temme, Nate Eaton (Fine Musical Instruments), Jim Orso (You Know the Name)
Art: Jeremy Ford


all rights reserved



Jeremy Ford New York

Production credits: Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Wordsworth (eMC), Blueprint (Soul Position), Uptown XO (Diamond District), Fatt Father, Qwill, Big Stat, Gaby Paul

"Jeremy Ford grasps the sound and gives each of his beats a specific identity." –J Hatch, Co-founder, istandard

"Jeremy’s music is dope. Great stuff!" –Steve Migliore, Producer/Engineer (Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake)
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